Gina Lee

Web Dev/Artist.

Sky Parlor

Online store for LA-based clothing brand Sky Parlor. Design by me.

React, SCSS, Firebase, Firestore, Netlify, Shopify SDK

Ethel's Club

An immersive wellness platform centering people of color. Read/save blogs, view 24/7 video, purchase guides. Design by Ethel's Club.

NextJS, Mailchimp, SCSS, Firebase, Firestore, Netlify CMS, Shopify SDK

Puppy Coin

Meme Coin landing page. Design by me.


Straws Int

Clothing brand based in NYC. Shopify theme & custom code added for photo gallery layout. Design by me.


Best Case Scenario NYC

Online store for a NYC-based clothing brand. Design by

React, SCSS, Shopify Buy SDK

American Holocaust (Prospective Film)

Short film website to view trailer, read about the film, and buy merchandise. Design by & me.


Visual Playground

An interactive playground where users can create their own custom spiral visuals.

Ruby on Rails, HTML5, JavaScript, SCSS

Crypto Market Rates

A real time auto-updating table that lists crypto currency exchange rates based on a configurable refresh interval. Pulls data from a Liquality API. Design by me.



Interactive keyboard for faster typing of emojis. Design by me.

Ruby on Rails, React, SCSS


Face recognition to detect user’s emotion and plays a song based on that emotion. Design by me.

Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python (server)


Brooklyn Tech Week Urban Blockchain Hackathon Winner (2018). Design by me.

Solidity, React, CSS

Restaurant Site

Website redesign of the restaurant I used to work at. (Also the very first website I ever created). Design by me.

HTML, CSS, JavaScript