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I love creating beautifully responsive and creative web apps, and experimenting with the two things that intrigue me the most: art and code. I’m passionate in the whole process, from blank canvas to end product. Not only that, I'm empathetic towards making the experience great, for every user.

A “Jack-of-all-trades” in front-end web development, I have 5+ years of experience jumping on over a dozen different codebases ready to assist in page rebuilds, new features, improving page speed, or anything web-related.

  • Website builders: Shopify, Webflow, WIX, Squarespace
  • Javascript: React, Vue, Next, Gatsby, Typescript, JQuery
  • CSS: Sass, Tailwind, Bootstrap, Material UI, Semantic UI
  • Database/Hosting: Firebase, Netlify, Heroku
  • CMS: Netlify, Sanity
  • WebGL, Three.js

Selected Works

Ethel's Club
Ethel's Club

An immersive wellness platform centering people of color. Read/save blogs, view 24/7 video, purchase guides.

One of the first big projects I’ve had the pleasure of building out from scratch. Design by Ethel’s Club.

As of today, Ethel’s Club online platform has been closed permanently.

Puppy Coin

Meme Coin landing page.

I’ve had the pleasure of both designing and building out this landing page for the meme coin, Puppy Coin. Any wacky and fun idea was welcome and encouraged. Copy and flow of page provided by the Puppy Coin team.

Moodi Day

A personal wellness platform that makes creating an individualized self-care routine accessible and judgment-free.

A collaboration between the founders and I, we created this fun landing page with lots of movement and surprises.